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Our leather repair kits are more practical to use as compared to other products and are made available for you to buy online in Australia. Inclusive of your purchase is the fast and free postage. Buy your own leather repair kit now for an easy merchandise repair!

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Why Our Leather Repair Kits?

Leather items are so popular because they are known to last a long time, if taken care of properly. Even so, at times unfortunate events happen and other items can get damaged. Owners decide to have these damages repaired because why not, leather items can still look great and very useful even with their slight imperfections.

Bring your leather items to repair shops may cause a dent on your (leather) wallet and some repairmen don’t actually deliver a good job in doing so that cannot pass your personal standards. Fortunately, leather repair kits are available so that you can do it yourself at home, at a very minimal cost compared to what they may charge you.

Leather Repair Kit Australia provides leather repair kit products that will help you achieve a great looking fixed leather.

Many are now looking into the option of buying their leather repair kits because they see this as a practical way for leather repair without having to bring their items to a repair store.

At Leather Repair Kit Australia, our goal is to provide our customers the satisfaction each of us are expecting for what we have paid for. For a more detailed specifications of our leather repair kits, please check out here.

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“I am extremely with my leather restoration project using the ultimate leather repair kit. I’ve always believed that leather goods are a good investment. With everyday use and a cat in the home though, my leather couch in the den has worn off and had scratches and tears. I decided to make the repair myself a summer activity and the instruction guide made it easier and enjoyable for me. Next week, I and my son will fix his leather satchel. Talk about a good family bonding.”


Buy Leather Repair Kits Online in Australia

About Our Leather Repair Kits

With our great selection of versatile leather repair kits in Australia made available for you to buy online with fast and free shipping, you can now purchase with ease. A leather repair kit will not only give your items a better look but can also save you lots of money. Check out more of the benefits of using our leather repair kits below:

Can be used to repair tears, rips, scratches, burns, and other damage on leather car seats, furniture, shoes, bags, and other leather items;

Uncomplicated and easy application on surfaces of leather items;

Includes non-toxic materials that can be used to re-color, polish, and cover any unwanted damages your leather items have;

Backing and patching inclusions are easy to cut to suit your desired shape and size;

Available in simple to comprehensive kits, depending on your need; and

Can save you lots of money because you don’t need to buy, and the repair can be DIY.

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Here Are Some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Shipping and Delivery – How Long Will It Take to Receive My Item(s)?

We have warehouses in Melbourne and Sydney, so that we can ship our (product) to you as soon as possible no matter where you live in Australia. The vast majority of customers receive their items within five (5) business days. For more info check out Free Shipping Page.

What If I Need to Return My Item(s)?

If you decide you don’t want the item, you have up to 15 days to return it for a refund. You simply just cover the cost of postage back to us. You can read more about this on our Returns Page.

How Do I Contact You?

We have live chat on our site between 9am and 5pm Australian Time or you can send us an email or simply visit our Contact Page.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee that our products will make you happy and that our customer service will be second to none. We also pride ourselves on being the largest supplier of these products in Australia. Any issues, please get in touch, either through our live chat, or the Contact Page and we will make sure we do what we can to make you a happy customer.

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What is A Leather Repair Kit?

A leather repair kit is a set of materials that can be used to repair and improve the appearance of leather items that may have been damaged by rips, slash, scratches, tears or burns or worn out by repeated use. This may comprise of patches, re-coloring materials, leather polishing creams, or tools needed to implement improvements on leather items to make them look new or better.

We have great offers for the leather repair kits that you can choose from based on your specific need. The list includes but is not limited to the following: Ultimate Leather Repair Kit, Patch-up Leather Repair Kit, and Reconditioning Leather Cream.

What’s In Our Leather Repair Kits?

It depends on what specific repair you may need to do on your leather. We offer a comprehensive repair kit that can be used for many, if not all, kinds of repair needed, a simple self-adhesive patch kit, or a polishing cream.

Ultimate Leather Repair Kit. A 25-piece comprehensive kit to ensure that you have everything you need to re-color and repair rips, scratches, burns, tears, peeling and holes in your leather items. Even includes step-by-step instructions so you’re guided while doing repairs.

Patch-up Leather Repair Kit. Patching up holes, rips and tears will be easier with these leather patches with adhesives that can be used for leather bags, car seats, sofas, leather jacket and more! Available in packs of 2, 4 or 6, and can be easily cut into desired shapes and sizes.

Reconditioning Leather Cream. This easy-to-apply reconditioning leather cream can be used to bring back that polished shine on your leather coats, car seats, sofas, and other items.

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Why Get A Leather Repair Kit?

Leather goods are abundantly used at home, in cars, at work and school. Usually when your leather goods and items get damaged, you don’t wait for it to be damaged beyond repair prior to having it fixed. Because of this, these repairs are simple enough that can be done at home for free without having to shell out a lot.

It would be handy if a leather repair kit is available whenever you need it. You don’t need to rush to the store to look for materials that can be used to fix any damage, especially if you are an avid user of leather. It is also best to have a kit ready in case the goods get damaged during a time when it is not possible to bring them to the repairman.

Don’t let leather restoration feel like a heavy burden. You can do it with a good leather repair kit.

Using Your Leather Repair Kit

The first step in any leather restoration is to prep the damaged area. Dirt and grease can be removed by alcohol on a swab, and loose threads are easy to trim.

If leather needs to be re-colored, a blending booklet can be referred to for tips on how to match the color of the damaged leather. It is also helpful if your kit has multiple colors available for blending.

Self-adhesive patches are one of the easiest kits to use since they are practically just peel and stick. Make sure to clean the area where you want to patch to make sure it covers the tear or scratch completely. Heating the edges of the patches after sticking them on the surface also ensures it stays stuck. Also remember to cut the patch to your desired size and shape before peeling it off.

Polishing creams for worn leather are easy to use. Typically, an instruction guide comes with the package that is easy to follow.

Guaranteed Best Price 

The price of leather repair kits differs according to the kit components you will need to do a specific repair. It is important to note that buying one will surely provide you with ease in your DIY repair. The convenience that it gives is worth and the long-lasting protection they offer for your belongings, is worth every dollar spent. Most importantly, it is sold at a guaranteed best price!

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