Reconditioning Leather Cream



High-quality Reconditioning Leather Cream is used an an effective application in cleaning and restoring leather-made materials.

This cream can be used in any situation that requires a renewal of aging leather and vinyl surfaces. Damaged surfaces found in any vehicle such as automobiles, aircraft, marine-craft, or any furniture such as sofas, chairs, and more are brought back to near new perfection in minutes.

  • Made of high-quality materials;
  • Safe to use — no toxic substances and is easy to carry;
  • Used to repair the damage of the car seat leather, the scratches of the props, fill the gaps, among others;
  • Can be effectively applied to car leather seats, instrument panels, furniture, sofas, shoes and other leather supplies; and
  • Suitable for plastic or any hard surface, such as car decoration and upholstery, furniture, leather jackets and clothes: sofas, sofas, car panels, tops, dashboards, boat seats, upholstery, luggage, clothes and carpets.

Condition — Brand New, High Quality
Net Content — 60g
Produce Date — Near Date
Expire Date — 3 Years

Package Included: 1 x Reconditioning Leather Cream


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